This product will help grab data from any accessable web pages.
Just fill in the regular expression pattern, and optionally the start and end pattern for the page.
Starting with 0.0.1a5, we can specify either GET or POST method.
A list of matches will be returned. If the regular expression pattern uses groupings, then a list of tuples wil be returned.
Check out the demo
There's also a HowTo use KebasData.
You can manipulate the list as you would any list.
Try it, mail me the URLs and regex patterns (so that i can compile and include it in the tar ball), shoot me bug fixes and pointers, and have fun.
the fine prints - I am not a great, good even, programmer. This really is an exercise in Zope product making, and python coding.
p/s - get permission from site owners before grabbing anything. No warranty, expressed or implied; legally or otherwise.

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